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Chemical Product Suppliers

The new REACH laws mean that the Materials Safety Data Sheet is central to the information available to your clients. Specifically, this SDS must include possible user scenarios, so that your clients can be certain that their intended use was included as part of the registration for the product they are using.
This means it is essential that conclusive evidence can be provided showing that SDS have been transmitted and that their content have been archived..

The Four Quick-FDS modules for chemical product suppliers were designed to ensure that you have this proof. They are based on a "heavy" electronic archiving structure that uses the appropriate techniques to guarantee legally validity. The system was built in accordance with the NFZ 42-13 standard with the addition of an electronically signed microfilm of the documents that is deposited with a justice of the peace.

Chemical Product Users

Your suppliers' SDS are the basic documents used to evaluate the impact of REACH on your manufacturing or commercial business.
An analysis of the dangerous components listed in the SDS (either substances or preparations) for the products that you use is a vital first step towards targeting products at risk and anticipating potential future supply problems.

Our SDS Retriever service collects SDS from your suppliers and ensures that your supplier SDS are continuously updated..
We can also extract the information required for your REACH pre-inventories (dangerous components, classification, etc.)
This data extraction system means we can then create 'turn-key' online chemical risk databases for you, which are perfect information sources for your employees and your risk prevention actions.

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