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Collection and long-term archiving of suppliers' SDS

Use us to retrieve SDS updates from your chemical product suppliers and benefit from a continuously updated online “chemical risks” database.

1 - SDS-Retriever

Retrieval service for SDS from suppliers of all the chemical products used in your production sites (raw materials, cleaning and maintenance products, lab reagents), irrespective of whether your suppliers are registered with the Quick-SDS server.

Long-term regulatory compliant archiving of the SDS collected from your suppliers.

2 - SDS data

Extraction of essential data from columns 2, 3, 9, 14 and 15 of the SDS. Provision of Excel or XML files containing all the information required for your REACH inventories and risk evaluation system.

3 - Extranet Access

Secure storage of your suppliers’ SDS on our servers with online publication available to your employees.

4 - Prodata

Tailor-made multi-site chemical risk database containing "SDS data" information extracted from SDS, along with other, user-defined "a la carte" information. Assisted preparation of job descriptions and other documents.

Sample Prices!

"SDS Data" Examples: 5 € / SDS
- Dangerous substance extraction for REACH pre-inventories
- Extraction of columns 3, 9, 14, and 15 (20 data items per SDS)
- Data entry by 2 different operators and consistency check
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