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Phytodata gives you access to all the logistical and regulatory information on crop protection products and diffuse pollution license fees.

Your product information management problem

An essential prerequisite for regulatory compliant product handling in an agricultural cooperative or businessis is the regular updating of the logistical and regulatoryinformation for the crop protection products that you store or used, as illustrated below:



Managing stock movements

EAN product codes, product packaging

Dangerous materials transportation declaration

ONU N░, Risk category, Packaging group, etc.

Product storage

Physical state, Environmental Protection Installations, flash point, etc.

Chemical risk evaluation

Risk phrases, danger labels, etc

This kind of information changes quickly as products evolve and regulations change. Making sure that they are kept up to date involves a substantial time commitment. Furthermore, it is hard to know if you have thoroughly updated all the information that you have.

Phytodata, providing organisation to the agricultural sector!

Phytodata was started by the UIPP (Union des Industries pour la Protection des Plantes), which represents all the major manufacturers of crop protection products. Their aim was to provide a database to their cooperative and agribusiness partners that contains logistical and regulatory information that is constantly updated by the firms themselves.

Phytodata now serves as a database of regulatory and logistical information for 90% of the products on the market, which is intended to reach 100% in the short-term. Each of the 16 firms that form Phytodata is contractually responsible for the published information.

The "Phytodata Download" Option

This option lets you import Phytodata information into your internal IT system for the products you sell.

  • You can manage your product portfolio as you see fit via a simple, easy-to-use web management function,
  • We can send you either CSV (text) or PRODAT (AGROEDI) files that can be easily integrated into your internal IT system
  • A phytodata update patch is automatically sent to you every time a product is updated,
  • The data on your internal computing system is constantly updated by the manufacturers themselves, as the products or regulations change.

For more information, please visit www.phytodata.com or contact us.

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