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The website represents and makes available Safety Data Sheets (SDS) as well as documents and data relating to chemical products safety provided by various suppliers.

The SDS documents and the data provided for disposal and made available shall be further referred to as the “Safety Information”, and the suppliers shall be further referred to as the “Quick-FDS Member Suppliers”.

This provision for disposal shall be effected as per Quick-FDS contracts signed between Editions TI, Division Quick-FDS (further referred to as “ Quick-FDS “), the editor of Quick-FDS website, and each of Quick-FDS Member Suppliers.

According to these contracts, Quick-FDS shall ensure hosting of the Safety Information provided by the suppliers and availability thereof at website.

Ways of accessing the Safety Information of the Member Suppliers

The ways of getting access to the Safety Information are predetermined by each supplier which decides if access to the information, in whole or in part, is to be public or, on the contrary, is to be reserved for its clients only.

In this latter case, a special form will invite a user to enter a code to identify him/her as a customer of the certain supplier, and the user is informed that this code is contained in the accounting documents transmitted by such suppliers.

Whoever the Quick-FDS Member Supplier is, the Quick-FDS system will ask the user to enter his/her name, company name and email; these data are mandatory in case the user wishes to be informed of any updates to the Safety Information after having consulted it.

The user will be informed of the Safety Information updates by notifications sent to his/her email address, notifications will be ceased automatically after a whole year from the last connection of the user to the relative SDS; the user can extend the period of receiving such notifications by activating the link contained in such emails. If necessary, the user can report a change of his/her email address to

Responsibilities in respect of the Safety Information

The Safety Information shall be distributed in good faith based on the documents transmitted by the suppliers.

The Member Suppliers shall be responsible for appropriate updating of current versions of the Safety Information contained on Quick-FDS website, and they generally assume any and all responsibility for the contents of their Safety Information. Consequently, the user shall in neither case hold Quick-FDS responsible for the contents of the information distributed, nor in case the Safety Information distributed proves to be inadequate for a certain purpose.

Management of cookies website uses cookies. Such cookie files are stored on the users' computers and are used mainly to facilitate access to the services. There are two types of cookies used by :

  1. 1. cookies to allow the storage of the user's identifiers (company name, the user's name and email address) not to reenter those each time for a connection
  2. 2. cookies used by traffic tracking tools: web-analytic service by Google Analytics

The user shall be informed of the possibility to manage (modify or deactivate) recording of such cookies by using the configuration menu of his/her Internet browser; the modes of the cookies management depend on the Internet browser, and the user can refer to the “Help” field of his/her browser to learn more.


Personal data management policy

Data protection regulations

The personal data listed below shall be processed automatically.

Quick-FDS shall undertake to respect privacy of its users and protect the information to be communicated in compliance with the data protection regulations common for all the companies entering WEKA group in France..

Data collected to view the Safety Information

The personal data (Company, Name, email address, client code, as the case may be) shall be collected from the users in order to inform them on the updates issued in respect of the Safety Information they refer to.

This notifications option is part of the contractual obligations undertaken by Quick-FDS towards chemical products Member Suppliers.

Therefore, the legal nature of processing is predetermined both by execution of contracts binding for Quick-FDS and the Member Suppliers and the legitimate interest of informing the users who need the updated Safety Information to be able to develop measures to prevent chemical risks within their organizations.

The data relating to the Safety Information referred to (name, company, email address, client code, SDS referred to) are archived for unlimited periods of time and transmitted to the chemical products suppliers concerned.

Moreover, Quick-FDS may make such data available to judicial authorities upon demand.

Data collected upon documentation or quotation requests

Personal data (Company, Name, phone number, email address) are required from the users in order to comply with their requests and send the requested documentation and quotations to them.

Additionally, Quick-FDS uses the contact details collected to distribute current regulatory updates in respect of chemical risks management, as well as commercial information relative to the services offered within the scope of the SDS management and application.

The user can reject this option by choosing the “I don't want to receive new on regulatory tools from Quick-FDS” box.

The user who does not want to receive the information from Quick-FDS in future, may as well exercise his/her rights as per the “Access and Rectification Rights” paragraph

Access and rectification rights

According to the regulation, the user may exercise his/her right for access, rectification and disagreement, upon legitimate grounds, his/her right to disagree with his/her data to be used for commercial prospecting purposes, his/her right to limit, delete and withdraw in respect of the data transmitted. To use these rights, please refer to

Website availability

Quick-FDS undertakes to use its best effort to ensure that the website is available 24/7.

For this purpose, Quick-FDS has set up a robust infrastructure based on redundant servers.

However, Quick-FDS shall not be held liable in case of temporary unavailability of the service.


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